An ex-awaiting trial prisoner, Prince Gwamnishu Harrison has revealed how an inmate in Ogwashi Uku prison, Onos Osagie, is undergoing punishment for allegedly leaking information about malnourished inmates behind bars.

Onos Osagie has been awaiting trial for the last 5 years

Harrison wrote; An inmate in Ogwashi Uku Prison Onos Osagie awaiting trial prisoner who has spent 5years is currently undergoing punishment. The prison Authorities claimed Onos leaked the information about the malnourished prisoners to Behind Bars Intervention.

He was chained yesterday, beaten and locked up in a punishment cell.

The Controller General of Prisons is expected to be in Ogwashi Uku Prison today.

Onos Osagie is now in chains
Onos Osagie is been tortured

Onos Osagie is an Awaiting trial inmate , a banker, a gentle man and a law abiding citizen of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I Prince Gwamnishu Harrison remain fearless in this struggle to better the lives of my brothers and sisters I left behind.

If our report is false, let them take me personally to court.

Change Begins With Me

Prince Gwamnishu Harrison
Ex Awaiting Trial Prisoner